Wait, What

My ole man, if one of my friends are being abused by their husbands always wants to jump in the conversation about how it is so wrong for a man to hit a woman and what a low life.
This man who has beat me so badly, I mean he has put me through pure hell. I have had to hide in a ditch, to afraid to move for two days. The stories I could tell.
But he will stand and pretend he will be their knight in shining armor. Of course all my beatings were my fault, and never wrong on his part. But it never hits well with me when he does that. I am forced to live in his fantasy world and if I say anything against him you better believe I will pay dearly.
My beatings have stopped I hope forever, but the constant put downs and belittling are worse that ever. Sometimes I would welcome a smack over the verbal. Life is hard enough without the abuse of a hateful mean man.    
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Please go to the site I spank my wife and domestic dicipline ...it might sound harmless but when ur hear the stories they are horrible..they use domestic dicipline to make it seem ok...it's horrible... I'm sorry u had to deal with that bullshit..no one should go thru that and I hope he gets it and he will!!!!

thanks for the kind words