A Cowards Crime.

I remember my mother being beaten and abused. My father drank heavily. I recall that when my daughter began living with and having a baby with a guy who was in the Armed Forces, I took him for a beer one day and told him the army did not have enough weapons that would keep me from getting to him if he ever laid a hand on my daughter. Of course my daughter was very upset with me and he turned out to be a pretty good guy. I recall telling one of her boyfriends that I would go to prison for the same reason. Seems a little dramatic I know. I have the following story to tell. When I was only 16, I had a girlfriend who told me that her father was sexually abusing her and her older sister and she was terrified that her younger sister was next. Her younger sister was 11 at the time.

I did not tell my girlfriend, but one night when they were all home I went to talk to her father. I stood in the kitchen with a Staff-Sargent who was a very big man, his wife, son and the three girls and asked him point blank why he was sexually abusing his daughters. He picked me up and threw me out. I got back up and knocked on his door and said that I wanted an answer before I would leave. I knew he was not going to call the police and I was just angry enough that I would not leave. Long story short, my girlfriend was forbidden to see me again and I never saw her again for 10 years. One day she knocked on my door. I was stunned to see her, but she said she never had a chance to thank me and she said her mother read the riot act to her father and said they would all leave him if he touched any of her girls again. I was not sure whether she was being completely candid but I really hoped so. She also told me that her older sister could not believe that I would do something like that, she said I must have had a death wish. 

Looking back, I just think about the terror in my mothers face when my father was drinking. They eventually divorced and my father went to AA. They are long ago passed but the effects of abuse never left my mom. Abuse is one of the most despicable crimes a person can commit. I walked away from a good friend when I found out he was an abuser and never spoke to him again. Once you are victimized the revulsion is automatic and instantaneous.

Why men abuse women is a mystery, and it is a cowardly act. I understand that men learn what the see, but there are no excuses.  Fortunately I just refused to follow my fathers path and I decided to break the chain, once and for all.  I am sad to say my brother did not. 
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

Wow... I acknowledge you for your courage (if your story is true since you are a bit young for having a daughter who is dating a military guy...?) Yes abuses leave a trace no matter what. I do know that, too much probably.

I feel the same way. I believe no one is deserve to be abuse by any means. Everyone need love but. not everyone receive love. The lack of love that cause the all the hurts in this world we live in. I thank you for you have made a difference just by your personal choice not to be an abuser and beyond.

That's an awesome story....