A Dream Of Revenge

Have you ever known someone who was evil? Have you ever wanted them to pay for their deeds? Have you ever wanted to flaunt what they couldn't have in front of them?

Well, that is where I am. I know it's childish, I know its vanity, but I still want to do it.

I work for a sleaze. The guy is horrible. I could not tell when I first came to work for him, but now, I can see it all so clear. He's the kind of guy that has had 8 administrative assistants in the last year. He's the kind of guy who hires models to pose nude for his pathetic photo's and then tries to force them to go to bed with him. He's the kind of guy that tricks his administrative assistant into sharing a room, for the company's savings, and then gets one bed. He's the kind of guy that used to walk up to employee's and out of the blue yell at them and tell them they were fired. If they were women, he would revel in delight in his office as they cried at their desks...I did break him of that one though.

He did it to me one day and my face lit up like he just gave me a million dollars and I ran as hard as I could for the door. Unfortunately, I had a different boss then, and he ran to catch me and convinced me to stay. But the sleaze's eyes were as big as dinner plates when I came back in. I made sure to explain to my current boss, loudly, that I had a 120,000 gallon heated pool, two 8 person jacuzzi's and a clubhouse at the nudist resort that I lived at, and I was losing daylight. "I could be at the pool now."

That and the one day I walked around joking by saying that I was going to have to leave work, and when someone would ask me why, I would just look up and then look them in the eye and say "The voices are telling me to go home and clean all of the guns." and never crack a smile. Most of the employee's got the joke, but evidently he was around a corner somewhere when I said it, because he has stayed away from me, for the most part, for the last year.

But, I have unfortunately seen the wreckage he leaves behind. He's like a tornado, he just destroys everyone and everything in his path. But I found something that really, really gets under his skin.

You see, before he ran off the previous sales manager's assistant...she was very nice looking and he would not leave her alone....She, lets call her Pam, came to visit me and my wife at the nudist resort we live at. Pam had a great time, she ******** off, joined the crowd and we couldn't get her away from the water volleyball in the pool. Not even for dinner...lol. So, Pam was discreet about her visit, and I was as discreet until one day that the sleaze cornered her in her office and tried to force himself on her. I figured something was wrong when she came cruising down the hall and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I'm about twice the size of the sleaze, so she knew he would not approach her while she was wrapped around me.

Of course this was all a surprise to me, Pam and I had never been intimate, just because she came to visit me and my wife didn't mean anything. But Pam spread it around that she had stayed the night and implied that her and I had been intimate. I don't normally put up with any BS, and I tell it just the way it is. So when I was asked about her visiting the nudist resort and staying the night, I freely admitted it. When people asked me about our relationship, I simply said they needed to ask Pam about that, I was unable to comment at that time.

What I found out shortly thereafter was that it infuriated the sleaze that I had been where he, the CEO of the company could not go. I had "had" the girl that he thought he could force his way on, and she went running into my arms freely.

Pam left as well and both her and the last administrative assistant to the sleaze filed harassment law suits, which are conveniently tied up in court.

So, I have always wanted to just infuriate him some more. He cannot say anything to me, he knows I'll file a lawsuit and drag him through the mud in an instant. I have often thought about trying to enlist some of the pretty young girls that come to the resort that I live at, to stop by and put on a show, just to make his blood boil. But, I never seem to get an opportunity, and It would have to be someone who could act fairly well. I think he could tell if it was all bullshit. It's a lot to ask of anyone.

He tried to force me to go to a conference in Las Vegas with him, one of those, "we'll go to the conference all day and then in the evening we can go to dinner and discuss what we learned and how we can make the company better". In other words, 24/7 of him. I got out of going, but when I thought I couldn't, and I knew he was going to have "dinners" where he would hire a model to go to dinner with him and act like she was a lover, I put an add up on some of the swing web sites the wife and I belong to. I just wanted to have a "oh, so you had to pay that poor girl to go to dinner with you, and oh my, look what beautiful creature has graced me with her presence..."

I am trying to get out of this job, I have been for a while and eventually I will. But I would love to just mentally beat him into submission so he stops abusing women. I probably will never do anything, unless the opportunity falls into my lap, but sometimes...sometimes I want to forget I'm almost 50 and pretend I'm 8 years old, just for one afternoon. I'd never be happier than to see the veins pop out on his head again like that day Pam jumped into my arms in the hallway. I'd love to see just how far I could get them to pop out.

He's lucky that, as far as I know, he has never been physically abusive. I'd be in jail right now if he ever hit any of them. I'd be in jail because I would have beat him, most likely, almost to death. He really is that horrible of a person. It's one thing to yell at your staff and be difficult, tell everyone they are "******* idiot's"...(he uses the carrot and stick approach to management, only, there's never a carrot, just more stick).....but it's totally something else to trap women into sleeping with him. I know it's happened, at least one of them gave in just to get him off her back....

Any supermodels in San Antonio Texas want to help **** of a real jerk? I'll buy dinner/lunch....

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May 23, 2012