Their Just Less Of A Man!

What i dont understand is why some men think its ok to abuse woman in anyway? Does it make them feel stronger? More of a man? Its not the way to go especially the woman who doesnt have a voice. I know there are some aggressive fiesty woman out there also, but regardless no woman should be going through such attacks. I mean can you see yourself coming home from a hard days work/school whatever the case is to a hot headed raging bull guy whos ready to punch your lights out? NO WAY!!!!! the first attempt is the last attempt thats the BOTTOM LINE!...sadly i've seen woman on and off with bruises, tears and hopelessness and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing what they been through. Other times some woman knows the deal and keep mouths shut and stays with their lover, boyfriend whatever, its like i wish i can just pull them away and tell them to GET OUT NOW!..yet its not that easy for some which is the part that you cant control its all up to them to find help or stay.
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I feel sorry for a man that is being abused by a women. If he reports it to the police, they laugh, yet if a women even makes a false allegation, they guy gets treated like a second class citizen.<br />
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How many men are really abusive?? Sure there are guys out there that are total idiots, but I hate it when it spoken as though most men are inclined to be abusive.<br />
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Its very simple, if you're in a relationship and you don't like it, get out.

i understand where your coming from im just speaking from a females point of view for the most part, based on what i've witnessed and experienced, Sure there are woman who abuses the hell out of their man and yes unfortunately the police does take it pretty lightly which should'nt happen once your endangered you deserve protection all round.

The BIGGEST thing that annoys me about abusive men, is that women STAY in that kind of world. I understand that I am not in that situation and don't know what all goes through her mind and her emotions and feelings. But if someone is pounding on your flesh and bones and screaming negative words at you, I would think by common sense, it's time to leave IMMEDIATELY and perhaps press charges and put this guy in an animal cage, becuase when you don't, you give your abuser all the power in the world. It's a pet peeve of mine, I don't get it. There are tons of women in this world who deserve respect, especially from all the tings they are put through.<br />
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I think men abuse women becuase they think they can when society has labeled us 'the weaker sex'. You don't see men abusing other men becuase they know they'll get their butts kicked. It's the same with animal abusers like cats and dogs. They're tiny and even though they have claws and teeth, it's still not enough against a full grown adult. I can't stand it.

I hear you i feel the same way, to be labaled as "weak" nope not in my vocabulary.