Past Demons.

Well it's been a long time since my Step-Dad left me feeling so disgusted and angry. He isn't in my life any more yet he is still executing control.
My Mum was silly enough when we first left to let him know where we live; thinking he should visit my little brother Finn.
Well several months on and he demands to stay the weekend with Mum to see Finn (whenever I'm away; the coward knows I hate him and he's always been intimidated by me). And when I went home afterwards I found all of my jewellery gear gone, stolen out of my wardrobe. I make jewellery. It was worth hundreds and so much sentimental value. And he's gone through Mum's phone and deleted all the psychotic abuse he's sent.
Who knows what else he's tampered with.
It disgusts me that he's searched my room, and filled me with feelings I'd almost forgotten.
He threatened to come and take the car today - because controlling, evil man he is of course even Mum's car had to technically be in his name.
So I've finally convinced Mum to see a lawyer, and now we have to live in fear that as soon as he finds out he'll come and kill us like he's threatened so many times.

But it just isn't fair. He was payed out half a million dollars for being mentally ill; and who suffers as a result of that? It was Mum and I. We were abused by him for years and we walk away with nothing but clothes.

Is it worth it? To risk life itself for justice? I think so - but I'm terrified for Mum. He always said over and over that he would cover us in oil and burn us. For days now all I've been thinking about is how I would kill him as instantly as possible if he broke in. I don't think any human should ever seriously think about how they'd kill someone if they needed to.
PreRaphaeliteEyes PreRaphaeliteEyes
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012