Pathetic, Needy Bastards.

To those out there who know who you are. Those that make friends with pretty girls on EP, flirt with them, have a few laughs, get to know them, find out that they are lovely people and then ask to see ever more revealing photos only to get angry when they say no - get a life you pathetic losers.

Seriously, a girl is nice to you and looks good so she is going to show you herself naked? Are you for real? Couldn't you just be a friend and respect her? No, you had to insult her simply because she is a lady and doesn't want to be your play thing. Someone to be used by a compulsive ***********. In Australia we have other words for people like you - wankers springs to mind.

You have hurt my love. The woman I will marry and all because you wanted to see her naked. Why the **** would she want you to see her naked? Did you think that because she was so pleasant and friendly? Do you realise how hurtful you were?


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Dec 11, 2012