Happiness That Turn Into Hell

i was dating this guy named austin and when we start dating he saw so nice alwasy their when i need him the most pick my daugther up from daycare or drop her off and i fell in love with him and things were awsome for two months and then it start he would call me during the day and when i didnt pick up me would show up at my school or work and yell at me call me names and hit me alot and he like i care bout me and that i should answer the phone when he calls or else and at night when it was bedtime he would forces his self on me even if i was tired or i dint want to have sex with him he would call me **** and that on one like me and if i didnt want to have sex he would pick me up and throw me into wall and slap me in til i would change my mind and he would come home in bad mood and take out on me if i didnt have smokes or volka he would hit me and one day i couldnt take it no more and wait for him to go out of town so i pack up my daugther things and my things and we left and never return he call my phone and threated me to come back to the house and i said no call the police and now i have restraining order againist him he cant come near or my daugther anywhere we will go and cant call me or anything and he didnt listen so now he in jail for a little and we move away to different city change my number and now my life feel so good but i wish i had listen to my friends and left him earlier but i have my life and my daugther live so im happy were both okay and not hurt or dead anymore we actually start smiling again
Shevyz2000 Shevyz2000
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012