Down Stairs ...

When I 1st lived w/ my 2nd wife who eventually became my 3rd wife too (but that's a different story , 3 marriages but only 2 women) she confided in me that her 1st husband beat her & would hold her face under water until near the point of drowning . All I could think was that I wish that I could me the bastard to return the favor .
We lived in an apartment house that had 2 downstairs apartments & 1 upstairs apartments. We were living there a while when a young couple in their early 20's w/ a baby moved into the upstairs apartment . I was 30 & my soon to be wife was 27 . Soon after that we could hear the beatings start & then a glug glug of a face being pushed into water . You could imagine how my the memories came flooding back to my mate . That's when I decided to be hero . I was going to take matters into my own hands . When I told her that I was going upstairs she shouted in my face "YOU ARE NOT !" I was stunned for a second & I stood there she calmly picked up the phone & called the police . They were there in minutes .
Of course she was right . From that moment on whenever we heard violence upstairs one of us called the police . My mate gave the woman a number for a safe house when she saw her alone one day . They didn't stay in the upstairs apartment too long . I don't know what happened to them but I hope she escaped him .
I was informed later that intervening myself would have been the worst thing I could do & probably would have landed me in jail but of course nobody should stand idly by . Call the authorities when you know domestic abuse is occurring .
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This is my story .