Wish I Could Have Done Something

I was rejected by this girl I liked in high school at the time for another guy. After a week of seeing this guy she stopped talking to me entirely and one day in homeroom I saw her and she looked horrible. She was wearing heavy makeup to cover one of her eyes, her right hand was bandaged up and she seemed very scared to be in the homeroom period. When homeroom started, I changed desks and sat next to her and made some small talk, asking her about a class we both had. During our conversation I just looked at her and nodded to what she was saying, not really paying attention. She mentioned "it isn't polite to stare." I got really red in the face and mumbled "I am sorry," before moving to leave. As I got up I turned to her and said "If you ever want to talk about it I will listen to you" and walked off.


A week later I was sitting in homeroom and that girl came over and sat next to me. She handed me a note and slowly went over to talk to the teacher and simply left for the day after talking with her for a minute. I opened the note and read the contents:


"That day I was in homeroom and you came over to talk to me meant a lot. I've known you for a bit of time and honestly I don't trust you that much but the effort to ask 'what's wrong' and the look in your eyes when you told me you would listen to what I had to say seemed sincere enough.... that guy I ended up choosing to date was nice the first week until one night when he was driving me back from school, he grabbed me by the hair on my way into my house and pushed me inside. 4 hours he raped and beat me, almost breaking my right hand..." the note went on and I just couldn't read it.


I got up and asked the teacher where she had went to. The teacher would not tell me. I sat there for the rest of the homeroom period silently shaking and thinking a lots of questions, most importantly how I would hurt that guy. Later on in the day I saw the girl again in my Chemistry class. We both had the same letter in our last names so we both sat in the back row of the class, right next to each other. I took the note out from my pocket and handed it back to her telling her "I got the point but I cant read it," and gave her a hug. She hugged me right back and I heard her start to cry. I held her a bit longer before letting go. I looked her in the eyes and told her it wasn't her fault and gave her a tissue from the tissue box to use.


Later on I saw tha guy in the hallway. He also has a last name that shares the same first letter with the both of us and he had his locker right next to mine. So later on in the day he came up and opened his locker. I never felt so much rage towards anyone in my life before. I think there were 8 or so people in that hallway, (Myself, the *******, the girl and 5 random people) and honestly when he smiled and made a kiss face to the girl before laughing a creepy laugh, I closed my locker to which he turned towards the sound of, took my textbook, hit him across the jaw as hard as I could and proceeded to take his head and slam it off of his locker as hard as I could twice.


Everyone in that hallway saw what happened but no one reported it. The looked at him and then me a few times after it happened and stared at me in shock for a few seconds before making me go very quickly to her car with her. She asked me what the hell I was thinking and I replied "Nothing... I hate people like him that do things to people like you and I just couldn't stop myself."


That is how much I hate men that abuse women. If given the chance I think I wouldn't have stopped there. I'm glad she stopped me when I did.

MacGreggor MacGreggor
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2010