Trouble With Kristofer

My (now ex-) client Kristofer was hard work when we had private sessions, and demonstrated a lack of civility towards women, which I thought rather egoistically I might be able to help him with.

We began the private sessions, and he seemed to be calmed by the yoga, but it seems to me now there was something else as an undercurrent. He was 'having problems with his partner' because of 'sexual ineptitudes', but I couldn't exactly concur with how I found him.

I broached the subject with him at the last but one session, and he must have been pondering it for the last session we had together in which from the outset he was violent towards me. I had let him into the house I share with my close friends Ole and Carl, alone, and naked, and from the moment he followed me from the closed door to the therapy room he was violent.

He began by pinching me, and then he shoved me as we went through the door, unbalancing me. I didn't fall over, but he was quick in his follow up and he punched me, hitting my right should at my back. It hurt a great deal, and I froze. He closed on me and hit me again, I'd turned towards him, and he hit my right breast. I fell.

I thought he was going to kick me as he came towards me, but he'd heard the front door open (Ole had come home), and he yanked opened the door to confront whoever it was. Big mistake. When Ole saw I was on the floor obviously hurt he closed on Kristofer who threw a punch at him. Ole caught his arm, pulled it in a vice-like grip, and snapped it. I heard him break Kristofer's forearm.

We received a threatened police action from the man, which hasn't arrived yet. Ole and Carl have said they will go finish the job if there is any more from him!
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The make nice play tous for real men...

bring him to Texas,The good old boys and the police have a 0 tolerance for abusive men!

There are too many nut cases out there. Take care of yourself.