Mostly I Just Hate It When People Disrespect People

As a psych student, I feel confident in saying that men who treat women badly almost universally have serious self-esteem and mommy issues. I don't even hate them anymore, I just feel sorry for them. Especially now that women are becoming more powerful than men in almost every aspect of society.

So suck it disrespectful dudes. You're just pissed that you're not getting any.
andthelawwon andthelawwon
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3 Responses Apr 13, 2011

Sorry, little correction... those guys are pissed 'cause they CAN'T get any. Men who actually care about, and try to understand women, usually do just fine. Besides, quality over quantity any day of the week. I think it's gotten to the point now we need to just say **** it, wipe the slate clean and start treating each other equally. Regardless of sex, race, orientation or political views. We have to stop drawing attention to meaningless stereotypes and start holding individuals who do bad things accountable for their actions. Sound reasonable?

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Dear Ma'am , why so grudge against us Boys . Not all men behave badly to women . We always support girls and we respect you women .There may be certain section of men who behave wrongly , but that should not be generalized . I am sorry if at all I hurt your feelings anyways .But dear friend we always treat you as equal . You are not only equal to us instead more wiser and intelligent than us .
Lets be friends Dear :)