There Is No Need To Disrespect

I would like to get into someone's mind and figure out why they do this.  My sister and mother have been through this and I do not tolerate it.  No one deserves to be disrespected even if they disrespected you first.  The gender does not matter.  We should try to be the bigger person and respect those who disrespect you.  We do not have to like them, but we should not be unkind to them.  Sometimes there are misunderstandings, but one too many misunderstandings may cut it.  I hate it when excuses are made for bad behavior.  After a while, the excuses turn into lies.  Or, they are lies to begin with.  Men who disrespect women, or women who disrespect men, it does not matter, it should not happen.  Women disrespecting other women and the same with men.  It does not always happen with men beating women or being unkind in any way, but I see the men being the "bad guy" most of the time.  For example, a muscular woman could beat up a 14 year old boy.  It happens.  It all boils down to everyone as a whole.  Disrespecting someone usually backfires one way or another, whether it is a physical fight, or by using words or other actions.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2010

Ya i agree with u ,,i always say that the persons who disrespect the others r stupid & they won't be successful in his/her life ,,actually i met a lot of bad guys & i hat them so much cuz they didn't respect me ,,finally most of time men disrespecting women ,,

You are right, there is not need for people to be jerks to get their points across. If people were more respectful of one another, there were be less issues and drama.