I Am A Man Who Wears Dresses And Skirts

This group is for people who hate me for that????

Tell me why

I would love to explore this and explain and answer questions to find out why you think you think this way
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So are you still in the closet or are you open now?

Thanks for the interest in little me.

I am still in he closet I am afraid - a coward I know - but having been attacked many times for being me (and I hasten to add the worst time I was on my way back from a fancy dress party - yes dressed as a woman but modestly so, sensible skirt, blouse, coat, heels, wig, normal makeup not dressed like some sissy hooker). That time I was off work for weeks.

Once a guy where I worked heard I was a transvestite and attacked me at work - other employees saw him attack me - but when he said he attacked me because I was a queer - I got sacked for "fighting at work" and he got a written warning (the manager didn't like poofs either). I have been evicted, when people found out, I have lost other jobs, I have lost track of the bad things that happen to me when people find out I simply like to wear different clothes than they do.

Why cant I be me - I do unskilled low paid work, I am poor, if I came out I wouldn't have a job, and almost certainly wouldn't be able to find one, I have no money and no income, nowhere to live - so self preservation takes precedence - I may be miserable as me - but at least the world will let me have a job and somewhere to live like this, slip on a skirt and I will be homeless penniless and at risk from even more assaults.

Why do so many men feel the need to attack a transvestite?

Why does seeing a man who wants to be a woman uncover such irrational hate and violence in many men?

If I had a sponsor or won the lottery I would transition in a heartbeat.

Well - enough of my ramblings - thanks again for asking

hope you are happy healthy and safe !

Merry Xmas - is it too early for that and is that the first one you have had ha ha

You "said" "this" group? Only cross dresser's like me are reading "your" messages.I won't be reading your message if I didn't like being a transvestite!


1) The group's name is funny.

2) I don't hate you. You're weird. I don't associate with weird people...who try to be Feminine/Lady-Like/A woman when they're NOT.

It's annoying. If you want to wear women's clothes, fine. But if you're trying to pass it off as some lame excuse that "you're getting in touch with your femininity", I call bullshit.

You had the traits in you all along. Clothes don't change that.


Would you care to discuss this further here or privately by message?

I would like to understand your viewpoint and feelings

Nope. Don't mind. Either way. :)