Why R They Always Without Manner On Chat??

I always wonder why is that. most of the times when I met new friends online they talk naughty things & I hate that. perhaps its for thinking haven't known face to face or other. please guys if you have to chat someone u first have to know the feeling of other person.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

sometimes people have different goals in EP you will met alot of different peoples and that includes those who think that its a place where you can get laid and easy move,others are purely event that wanted to share what is being the oputside world and what it would be so thats normal just make sure you will always understand what the best way to do and you will be ok.

i dont think its about education or anything like that... i have seen some well educated people and men with nice background who love to do this... just to fulfill their filthy needs... for most of the people in world internet is a medium to complete their fantasies.... no matter how big losers they are in real world... they show themselves a big gun here... coz they can lie.... but no matter what they do they cant change their intentions... which are always wrong... and that makes them talking like this....

yep a very good description about most guys in here

because mosst are not educated and cheap in their bringing up

Ya I think so