My account is new here but I am not. This account is to indulge my little foot piggies on EP. I expect to be addressed at all time with respect. You may call me "Mistress" or "Goddess".

You may not bother me for my pics. I will post what I please. I don't do requests. I also don't do webcam.

You don't need to see my face either. If you were in My Presence you would never be allowed to look directly into my face. To post my picture here would only leave you craving more. Consider this a Kindness on my part.

If you fail to treat me with respect I will block you and there will be no appeal. And yes, I know you can create an additional account, but I am not fool and I will recognize you. You can't fool Mistress.

WorshipYourFootMistress WorshipYourFootMistress
26-30, F
Aug 24, 2014