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You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone.

Every single guy I've dated has been a complete *******.  I've gotten the little immature silent treatments and the whole 9.  It's funny how when I mention other guys who were dicks to me to the person I'm dating I get the response, "Well, not all men are ******** at least I'm not one of them."  So then the same guy who said that to me is the guy who ended up being an *******.  Seriously wtf..

  I hate men for the fact that I never seem to be able to speak up or be expressive in a relationship.  If something bothers me and I speak up about it I get threatened, verbally abused for an hour as I sit there and the words that go through one ear and out the other. 

Men these days have serious issues.  Most men don't appreciate women and I wish sometimes that all women would just completely go against men.  They say, you never know what you have until it's gone. 

For now I hate men and until a man can prove to me that he isn't any of the above then maybe Ill change.  As of now, men take away my desire to want to be with one.

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I hate men, especially my father.
Never dated Never will
I prefer to by Single :D and Independent

I swear ur living my life exactly and we dnt know each other. If i could get paid for everytime i heard a guy said that to me. I would b richer than Carlos Slim Helu. I HATE MEN, i really do. and when i say that to other men their response is. "OH U CANT put all men in the same category"

Yes i can n i did. Men are evilllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!! All we ask for r simple things like : being faithful,giving us time,respect us,treat us like a woman, be there for us, listen to us, protect us, dnt lie. AND the big one love us when it gets to that point. But NNNNOOOO!!!! men find it difficult to these simple request. Smh it makes me wonder about their cognitive abilities.

Well, I think that there are bad men and woman. We are all equal. I had a boyfriend for 5 years, we were engaged to be married in December of x year. During August to September he kept asking me why I had not bought my wedding dress (my guts were silently telling me not to, even though i didn't know why. I trusted him blindly), anyway, i said that i just wanted to pick something very simple and so i didn't need much time for that. The fact is that, in mid-september his aunt told me that i was too innocent and that he had been cheating on me for quiet a few months. I waited for him to tell me the truth, 2 weeks passes, nothing ... I asked him and him takind defence ... said that yes, but he just kissed the girl, no more. sorry blah blah. A month later .... If he just kissed her ... how come she was 3 months pregnant? ... jerk! no point on arguing over a 5yr relationship and him on the road to fatherhood. I just said, i hope you learn from this and hopefully your baby is never cheated on when she/he grows up, good bless you and goodbye!"My best friend, after a 5 year relationship and after talking about marriage with his girlfriend and about to propose ... she comes to him and tells him that she had been lying and cheating on him for the last month or so ... "let me speak to my new guy and if he's serious about it, i'll stay with him. If not, i'll stay with you! what????? ... so she had a talk with her new guy, obviously he said he's serious, i mean who wouldn't ... even if they were just after sex ... and so she goes back to my best friend and tells him. This is over, i'm going to be with my new guy." I agree with my friend when he couldn't take it more and yelled at her "*****" when she was leaving his house. So, anyway, im sure there are thousands of experiences for both men and woman. The fact is ... there are ******* and ******** so, to generalize about a gender is just "ignorance".

Wow, I feel the SAME about men towards women. I feel that if a woman isn't bitchy enough then a man won't date that woman. This has happened to me over and over again. I've had guys tell me I was beautiful but I was too nice to them. I was too good of a person for someone to be with me. I was like uhm...? As a matter of fact, this guy just wrote a book about explaining that the only way a woman can get a man is if she's a real *****. I believe in some cases it IS true. But I'm sure there are very few guys who aren't like this. But VERY few.<br />
<br />
Ok, lmao! I don't want a guy who will beat up a guy who looks at me and then treat me like a princess! Well ok, I don't mind being treated like a princess but that doesn't mean a guy has to shower me with gifts; I'm not materialistic. I want a guy who will shower me with true love from his heart. I have been with guys who had serious jealousy issues. For example, my second to last boyfriend was this big muscular 6'5 guy who was gorgeous but he was totally insecure! In addition, any guy that would look at me or tell me I was attractive he would get sooooo pissed off about it and then he would get mad at me for it. He wouldn't let me have ANY guy friends and if I hung out with a guy he would start talking about me cheating on him and all this crap that I wouldn't do. He would accuse me of cheating left and right. So I ended up breaking up with him and called him every name in the book because he pissed me off so badly. I hated how he wouldn't let me have my independence or have any friends for that matter. He should have trusted me and he didn't and couldn't. <br />
<br />
So this should tell you how much I DON'T want a guy like that. I want my independence, I like meeting new people as much as I can. I like to socialize...not be isolated from people because some guy is going to have huge jealousy issues and be all paranoid. <br />
<br />
I posted this post because I always felt like men wanted a woman who is anything but a lady. Someone who ******* non stop, a woman who is fake, doesn't care about others, isn't kind, doesn't treat herself and others with respect. A woman who constantly whines about stuff and someone who is a brat and super materialistic. Then there is someone like me who is anything BUT that ****. I'm actually someone who has empathy, love for everyone and myself. I care about others, like helping people, I'm kind and generous, I take time to listen to people..sometimes more than I do with myself. I respect others when it's right. And what happens? Guys date me who find me incredibly beautiful but I'm not bitchy enough. I've seriously had guys basically tell me that in other words. Most guys see me as someone they can take advantage of someone they can use they view as a weak person. So once this happens I show them that I'm not weak and they pretty much don't know what to do except start being an ******* and find ways to break up with me. It's like my good and powerful spirit intimidates them.<br />
<br />
This one guy told me that people may fear me because I have a gift of bringing the best out in people. I challenge peoples wrong doings and wrong actions of others. He told me that just by knowing me makes people want to change for the good and that is what scares people. I feel this too and it must be true because then I had another guy tell me the same thing. Then another guy I dated was like infatuated with me and breathless over me and told me that it was my powerful spirit that was so beautiful. He was like you give off an amazing vibe of a beautiful creature and that I had the power to do it to any man. So yeah.........<br />
<br />
I typed a bunch of stuff but that will give you an idea about why I typed this whole post. <br />
<br />
Just so you know- I want a guy who will love me unconditionaly most of all. Someone I can feel so comfortable to talk to, share emotions with and for heavensakes I want a man who will EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS. I can't stress that enough. I don't view men who express feelings as weak. I want to be able to share these feelings someone to have good intelligent conversation with. A man who isn't afraid to get deep on so many levels. Someone who respects other people and himself, who is kind, loving, helpful, generous. Not someone who is materialistic!!!! A guy who knows when to be serious. He has to have independence and he has to let us have a very free trustworthy relationship. Meaning we are so trustful of each other that we don't need to constantly be at each others sides. He has to trust me or else it isn't going to work. Someone friendly, sweet..who can make me laugh. A guy who won't get all pissed off when I'm upset. No abusers either. I just love guys who respect others who don't make fun of other people ESPECIALLY a guy who doesn't make fun of anyones appearance gosh that's a huge turn off. No egotistical superficial pig on my hands. <br />
<br />
So there you have it. You thought wrong of me, haha. <br />
But that's OK!

Its my personal experience that most women are looking for bad boys and when they find one they are disappointed to find that he isn't a nice guy.....HELLO!!??? Nice guys are out there but my guess is that you are looking for something that isn't likely to exist. You like most women probably want a guy who has an air of confidence and bravado that so many women find so appealing but i will tell you this.....nice guys don't generally have that because we have spent most of our lives being shot down we don't have that confidence. I know i am not what women are looking for so i gave up a long time ago. You strike me as someone who wants a guy who will beat up any guy who looks at you but then treat you like a princess and that guy doesn't exist.

When I saw you posted in this group I was sure you'd sworn off all men forever. I think it's cool that despite all bad experiences, you admit at least a sliver of hope in.

Totally agree, lol =]]]

well it's obvious that he has just as many issues as the rest of us and more power to him. his feelings on women aren't going to cause me to lose any sleep.

LOL. Thanks Jerrica <3333333333!!! HUggggzzz to you <3333. In addition, I called dmacho a hypocrite too because he messaged me and decided to bash me more, Lmao. He sounded like a wife beater to me and I told him that. Oh well lol. *high five to you*!

dmacho, i think you're putting the cart before the horse. who complains about anything without reason to? your statement made no sense at all. nobody would say men aren't **** if men didn't act in certain ways for a woman to come to that conclusion. duh lol. it's obvious that you have your own issues with the opposite gender just like you're slamming women for having. doesn't that make you a hypocrite? wounds, high five to you!

Dmacho, YOU are a stirling example as to why I HATE men. So, for this I cherish and thank you! Thanks for proving that men INDEED are ********.<br />
<br />
I don't do **** to men in relationships. When it comes to men I'm not the one who makes my men pay for my **** like some women do nor do I complain or whine in relationships you ignorant ******* ****. It's men like you who make me want to ******* kill you. Now run along before I ******* castrate you and throw your little tiny small *** man pieces in a bush :). Ok? kthxbi.

Maybe it's you that turns men into ******** ? Maybe bringing up baggage and saying that men ain't **** is what causes men to treat you the way that they do. You're the common denominator.

men need to take responsibility for being what they are and stop looking for others to blame. i suppose women could make the same claim, men turn them into *******, right?

you are an example of a macho man who is all talk but no action... also you probably are secretly gay

No I agree. like 99.9 percent of men are either jackasses or jekyl and hyde or "nice guys" who think that the world owes them something for doing what's right when you should just be nice because you want to be or for kindness sake not to build up karma. Most of them don't have very much perspective other than who they think is hot and are extremely sex focused. Men don't seem to THINK very much.

I know how you feel darling. Just keep searching for those who don't fear someone of a wise and strong character! You're bound to find someone who will admire it that is if it doesn't find you! Never give up. Thanks for sharing.

in the past i felt i couldn't speak up or be expressive myself with the guys i knew and that's pretty surprising for a person like me. and for every example of a good guy that i see, i see 3 more that are the opposite, unfortunately.

I have dated men outside of westernized societies from other countries far from here. Yes, there is a difference and it was a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't say all men are terrible but most of the ones I have dated (from different countries too) are not my cup of tea. Just like going on any date, either you click or don't. My experience from dating men from other countries was ok but I am not into agressive and possessive personalities. Granted I am sure they didn't represent all the men from their countries. It was a learning experience for me. I prefer my man to be an American and at this moment I think I have finally found a good one. So I will keep my fingers cross and hope for the best.

Eh well I've dated white guys too and I don't really see any difference. Maybe someday someone can prove me wrong...hopefully. I've been blah and lonely lately.

No seriously, about my first comment. Men are different. All people are different. All you have to do is look at personality test and see all of the different types of results. And for sure people from different cultures are going to be different. I bet blissity has never really gone out there and seriously dated a man from a foreign country. Most westernized societies stick with other westernized societies. Try dating a man from as far away from that as you can get, and I guarantee you will have a different perspective of men.

Well you'll be happy to know you are now on my "don't hate list" lol...<br />
It's a short list so you should feel privileged! teehee

I'm in the same boat as you forest =

I hate all of humanity... it covers all the bases. haha.<br />
Although I do make a few exceptions....

Amor and blissity, never thought about it that way but am scared to find out, hah. I don't know anymore what I want to do. I'll have to figure it out.

Good point. I have dated men from different cultures. There is a difference but not that much. You are right, it is only scratching the surface. I can only comment on my experiences though. There really isn't a difference in how most men behave but that is my opinion.

You should really try and rethink about the men that you have been with. I bet if you did you would realize you have only been scratching the surface of the types of men out there. You live on an island. Have you dated many from around the world. Every culture is different and therefore has different type of men, and then you add the individuality of a person from a specific culture and in that mix there is something that you will really love about a person. It is really a stretch to say all men or all women are terrible.

I don't know about NJ but stay away from NY. Since moving here (10yrs ago), can't say I even like people anymore. Right now, I don't. Everybody and their pusses and nasty attitudes, so sick of this place. As soon I get an oppurtunity to move out of this state, that is when I will try to like people again. It is useless here. Sorry, went crazy yappin but suck. I have a bf and love him to death but this is getting old. It is like men are children. How many times do you have to repeat the same crap before they get you?!<br />
Oh..and just because someone is nice and decent doesn't mean it is ok to screw them over!! I so....hate men right now!


Maybe. However, until some guy proves it to me to be different then I'll think otherwise. But I'm not going to wishful think bullshit if it isn't true.

That's a great way to be though. I commend you greatly for it...I'm like that too.

What do you mean how much you put out there? Did you mean that you're a good guy?

LOL. That is so true! A lot of girls act like ***** and most of the men follow along. For example, I knew this guy who told me that he dated this girl for like 6 years and throughout the whole time she cheated on him and just ran around on him; but the idiot guy stayed with her! When I asked him, "Uh, why did you stay with her?" He responded, "I was just depressed and clung onto anything I could get." I was like wooooooooooooooooooow so you could become even more depressed? Wtf? Why do guys literally date ****** women but when a good girl comes along he acts like a **** and doesn't know what to do and nothing makes sense? It's like men are drawn to womens bullshit and bitchyness. So yeah, both genders suck in reality.

Yup. Wish I could say more but I can't.