Cramps Suck!

I've dealt with cramps for many years now.  I've tried it all, from ibuprofen, heat packs, teas, herbs, exercise, and birth control pills (although the pill made me gain 30 pounds in 2 months, so I got off of that quick!). 

My family in Korea sent me this new product called Happy Q (do you like the Asian name?), which is a patch you put on your stomach, and it doesn't contain any drugs or hormones.  It's supposed to help with circulation and is mineral based. It has actually helped me in the last few months.  It's supposed to be introduced in the US soon, but don't know if it is yet.  Hopefully it is available soon, cause it has helped me quite a bit.

aeli aeli
1 Response Jan 26, 2009

Do this first.get a cold ,cold glass of ice water and a 6+6 towel pour the water on the towel and slowly wash your face then dry your face with the same towel, Did it make you feel that you will bathe your entire body with water like that? just think of it ,to have the period is heat, to have cramp is heat to worry about it is heat ,through it your blood pressure goes up still endure it, is heat and to use any kind of heat is to compound the problem. 1 In this case. heat causes stretching and so it can go on for days.While on the otherhand, COLD causes constriction and the bleeding will stop. We are suffering from GLOBAL WARMING. so all the heat you can keep away from will serve you better, Can you make cocoanut milk? That would be good ice tea ice coffee DRINK MORE COLD THAN HEAT REMEMBER THIS do not bathe your skin with your hands,it don:t like it.NOW ,if you take three large pep-bottles of cold. cold water and with a towel throw the water in a basin ,and with a towel about 30+16 ins ,fold the towel in half and slowly bathe your skin, when you finish bathing, squeezed the water from the towel and dry your skin. IN doing so these two things should have been accomplish,1BLOOD PRESSURE AT NORMAL 2 YOU ARE A RELAXED PERSON. Did you find it to be so? Tell me, and you are ready to have your period. However,a woman in this situation, needs all the ENERGY she can get ,therefore, for your next bath ,we need a BOTTLE ofHONEY, the cover must have in a hole ,spread the towel on aclean surface, and through the hole, put five lines of HONEY on the towel ,then fold the towel in half so that while bathing it MUST come through the pores of the towel ,again, when you have finish bathing, squeezed the water from the towel and dry your skin . yes, through the TWO MILLION MOUTHS of the skin you need this ENERGY. as for HONEY, it has in over 450 different AMINO ACIDS,amino acids makes PROTEINS ,in turn, PROTEINS make BLOOD and the fastest way to get it done is by BATHING, it builds up CALCIUM in the body and keeping the BLOOD PRESSURE right.PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE,no HOT WATER BATHING.There is also something else you must get,MOLASSES,4to 6 tablespoons full on the towel ,bathe and dry the same as you did the honey.MOLASSES contains IRON FOR ENERGY ;CALCIUM HELPS WITH BLOOD CLOTTING;it also contains COPPER, MANGANESE, it is a good source of POTASSIUM, ALSO. MAGNESIUM ;to keep the BLOOD PRESSURE down,MUSCLE SPASMS and MIGRAINE HEADACHES' these are the things to bathe with' LOOKING TO HEAR FROM YOU.