It Kills to Know I'm Going to Have My Period!!!

I'm going to be  a senior in High school, and in the past, I've had to leave work and school because of my servere cramps. when i'm at home i make my siblings hit my leg and step on my back to cure it. But guess what? I doesnt help. In the past six years, i've been rushed to the ER four to five times. I've had this since my period started. There are times that I almost fainted. My fingers and toes goes numb, my face is pale like a ghost  and i shake so badly. When I'm on my period, i can't sit still at all. I want to help! I gave blood samples and ultrasounds, I know, sounds weird but did it. I dont want to go on birth control. Sometimes I have to cry myself to sleep 'cause of the pain. Ive tried Ibprofen and tylonal and midol. NOTHING WORKS. Can anyone help?

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1 Response Aug 26, 2009

If it is that bad I would seriously consider birth control or something. My life has been put on hold while I was trying to get pregnant, because I never knew when my period would come. But I think you should do something.