No More Reading Crap..

I don't want to categorize every behaviour of mine to diseases the psychiatry unit feels they need to establish every damn year.. I mean ADHD?? come on..

 and some people question my intelligence when I believe in Jinn and Satan. and  I don't care that I'm million miles away from your civilization standard way of thinking.. we people  over here believe they exist.. therefore they do..

So far I'm only a schizophrenic & avoidant.. avoidance is not a mental disease I know.. some stupid personality crap they made up supposedly after watching people's behaviour. and here comes me who wanted to put a name to why I'm acting this way. frankly, it doesn't relieve me of my worries.. just detached from myself. oh its fine cause I'm an avoidant.. I should be happy I belong to a group at least.. ;p but the truth is it doesn't help me one bit except giving me extra information that I will remember for good. kudos to those psychiatrists who made us read their stuff instead of learning other things which are more beneficial to us that should be remembered. Thank god I've stopped reading some of the crap they wrote.. I would have been sadder & have a major headache still.

this is what I feel is ruining people's image of themselves.. we shouldn't categorize ourselves by our flaws but by our unique abilities... which I no longer know or confident of what mine is.. ;(

amejad amejad
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010