Bleh! Grab A Baby Wipe, And Chase After That Kid!

Have you ever noticed the massive number of advertisements in magazines and television commercials which feature drastically dirty babies?
   They'll shoot an ad for nearly ANY food product and somehow think it's "endearing" to show an otherwise cute child or baby with his/her face completely smeared with said food product?
   It drives me NUTS! I want to chase the kid around with a clean wet rag, and CLEAN his/her face! Where is this child's mother?
   Chocolate, barbeque sauce, gravy, pudding, baby food….you name it, and the they've got it smeared all over some kid's face. 
    This strategy does NOT make me want to buy the product! I makes me want to bust out the soap and water!
mixedsignals mixedsignals
46-50, F
Sep 9, 2012