I Cheer For Interceptions When He Makes Millions Throwing A Football

So he's done his time and is a spokesperson for some humane society and there's a lovely book about the dogs that survived his reign of terror as head of a $$$$$dog fighting ring....I hear all the time that he's paid his dues...but I think of the the dogs that didn't fight good enough and he didn't give them a second chance and how he with his bare hands murdered his" loser" dogs.  And the small animals that were sacrificed to get the blood thirst in his puppy fighters in training.  When the eagles are playing I hope he gets sacked.  However the sport news this week are raving about his game, Damn!
theimpaler1923 theimpaler1923
1 Response Nov 16, 2010

You're 100% on point! He's living, breathing, walking garbage a nd will never be any diffrent. His charitability gives him the freedom to continue playing professional (,pai lotsa money) football. That's all.