Shame On You Michael Vic!

All I can say is, Micheal Vic should be treated the same way he treated those poor innocent dogs. Its people like HIM who give PITBULLS a BAD name. All I can say is, at least the dogs were finally saved. I would like to also mention, that BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY, (AKA. DOGTOWN on National Geographic Channel), did a WONDERFUL DEED, in taking in those dogs,and rehabilitating them, and giving them a forever SAFE home.I watch DogTown, and see the way these dogs are,because of Michael Vic's PitBull Fighting ring.Those dogs, are still grateful,loving,and trust humans even after ALL that they have been through.

I am not one to advertise for other sites,and this isnt advertising or anything like that...but visit BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY,and look up the "VIC"TORY Dogs.....and see how wonderful these dogs REALLY are,and how Best Friends is taking care of these special dogs.They deserve to be loved,and treated the way they were meant to be.ALL dogs and animals should NEVER have to go through what they did. I HATE MICHAEL VIC, and am appauled to see he's out of prison,and back in Professional Football,.This man should be BANNED from owning ANY animal for life....this man is an ANIMAL.

Animals cant speak for themselves,be a VOICE for the animals.Put an end to ALL forms of animal cruelty.

LibertyBell LibertyBell
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2009

Thankyou for your wonderful comment.I can TOTALLY relate to you,when you said,you have to stop watching shows about animal abuse,as it is VERY disturbing...I am ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE TOO.I cannot watch Animal Precinct,or any animal rescue/abuse shows.Some of the appauling things the Officers disturbs me VERY much too.To the point it gives me nightmares,I cry,I feel SO helpless to these animals.I cant understand how people can HURT or TORTURE these wonderful creatures. These horrific images,stay imprinted in my brain for life.I cant even volunteer at a shelter (I WANT TO),but I would want to save ALL the animals,and I would cry for every animal..I wish I could volunteer.My dream is to open an animal rescue facility. <br />
But I pray for these "VIC-TORY" dogs.They didnt deserve it. NO DOGS DO. My dog,was abused,and neglected.I am still dealing with her issues over a year later,and probably will for a LONG time.But I still love her,and wont give up on her.I WISH I could save every animal,and never let anyone ever hurt them again.But its not going to ever happen.I wish I could change that.

All animals are children with furry coats, four legs and a tail. They should be treated as such. I had to stop watching alot of Animal Planet, Discovery programs for this very disturbing reason....I accidently got pulled into Michael Vics story again the other night....Only to remember how hard I tried to forget the carnige and horror those poor beautiful dogs were put through. Unfortunately his story is only the tip of the iceberg...