Michael Vick Does Drugs and Has Herpes of the Mouth

July 26. NFL superstar Mike Vick is scheduled to enter training camp with his Atlanta Falcons teammates tomorrow. All eyes are on the NFL's most exciting player as he begins preparing for what many expect to be his best season ever. But it now looks as if Vick, who is the NFL's highest paid player, enjoyed a little too much of the "high" life during the off-season. MediaTakeOut.com exclusively obtained a photograph of Mike Vick with what appears to be a marijuana blunt in his hand.

The photo, which was on Vick's girlfriend's Myspace page, shows Vick embracing a blunt in his left hand (see below).

The NFL's drug policy explicitly prohibits the use of marijuana. While the policy doesn't penalize a player for his first violation, a player is fined four games salary for a second violation (which, in Vick's case would amount to $2.5M), a four-game unpaid suspension for a third violation, and a season long unpaid suspension for a fourth (which in Vick's case would cost him almost $10M).

And what's in Vick's hand isn't the only thing shocking in the photo. On close inspection, the photo shows what appears to be a herpes cold sore on the side of Mike Vick's mouth (see blown up image below). Rumors of Vick having herpes arose when he settled a lawsuit with a woman who claimed he infected her with the disease. The suit was filed by a 26-year-old health care worker who tested positive for herpes after having unprotected sex with Vick. While the terms of the settlement were never released, an insider told MediaTakeOut.com that Vick is reported to have paid the woman a six-figure sum to go away.
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Reading this story I am wondering did you know Micheal personally? Because you are putting all his **** out there and you got the title of this blog I hate micheal vick. I mean did he give you herpes?? LOL. I mean because if he did then I guess it is understandable why you are putting so much time and effort into this blog. I mean seriously he is a football pla<x>yer, and even though he may have herpes, smokes weed, and all his others flaws his is still doing better than you. He is a millionaire.WTF are you?? lol. I swear I am not a close friend of his.I am not a PR rep. Im just a girl living in Virginia and the title caught my eye,and I just saw the nonsense for what it is and it was really dumb.I wont be suprised if you delete this so that other can't read this. But anyway please if your gonna blog about someone and air their dirty laundry,,,blog about someone that is in politics. Those are the ones I wanna know about. Those are the ones who are in charge of this counrty that I live in. They matter, not no ******* micheal vick. Tighten your **** up loser and get off micheals **** he probably ****** you in a one night stand and now you mad. LOL let me go I could go on and on........Latoya Berry u could find me on FaceBook if you wanna send me hate mail. I'm the pretty chocolate one! www.grayberryluv@yahoo.com