Never Trust A Hoe

Okay at first i thought oh here's another girl that thinks she can sing, then to find out she can't, then she  stock nick jonas don't get me wrong i hate the jonas brothers to but she just weird, then she ****'s up the stage a teen choice awards by doing a ***** pole dance, on top of that her daddy was proud of her about that, Then she is dating a 22 year old when she is sixteen, and her dad is okay with it in fact he let's the boy live with them, then makes the worst role model above brittney spears and she deserved that. I hate her with a passion, Oh and what makes me even matter that stupid party in the usa she doesn't even know who Jay-z is if you don't know them then why sing about them, and she then had the nerve to say that she made Jay-z famous ******* lie if anything metioning his name made her more famous not the other way around I APPLAUD JAMIE FOXX, for telling her off!!! 

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

First she destroyed my ears through music now she has to ruin it through movies which sucks because i love movies more then Music and now she is going to suck it up.

i agree