Car Vandalised

Sunday night picked my wife up from work at 2115 got home about 2130, we then both sat in our front room discussing what we would watch on TV as Lost had finished the previous week, decided nothing on so after my wife had had a shower we would sit in the garden and have a drink, nice evening an'all. So there we where out in the garden when at about 2245 our neighbour bangs on the door and ask have we seen whats been done to the car. Well you should have seen it! bonnet, front passenger door, rear passenger door, rear panel and boot covered in gloss paint. Called the police they suggested as it was wet still to try and clean off as much as possible, so we did for about 2 hours then gave up, next morning police support turned up to photograph the car and thats when we noticed the tyres had also been slashed. Why do they do it? what do they get out of it? All I know is At the moment all I want to do is cause them Harm!
oldsoldier oldsoldier
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1 Response Jun 7, 2007

And you'll inflict pain on them for 1900 hours!