It Ruined My Friendship With Someone...

So basically when my "friend" started playing m*n*cr*ft (I hate it so much I take out the vowels and will NEVER capitalize it!) I thought it was pretty cool because I watched youtube videos of it all the time before and I thought it was pretty cool and I even considered buying it. But, shortly after he bought it and started playing it he got another one of my friends hooked on it. Now one of my friends had played m*n*cr*ft and he didn't like it and we decided on liking something else and we silently walked away from them as they did us. But then we started having clashes between our two groups. It started out as little things like how the stuff we like is stupid but our thing is much more intelligent or cool. Then it became as bad as we couldn't even have a regular conversation without us ending up in a fight. Then the "friend" started actually physically hitting us like slapping us or kicking us that sort of thing. My other friend who was on his side started to fell uncomfortable with this and he slowly started to see our side. Then we finally got the "friend" to apologize and say he wouldn't do it again. Well you know what? He started everything again about a week after! Eventually we got our friend completely on our side confronted the "friend" for the second (or third!) time saying that it was the last time he would have to apologize but he ran off pouting thinking he did nothing wrong. Well we told all his other friends and basically isolated him from everyone else. He tried coming up to me crying and begging for my forgiveness but I turned him down with a blunt no every single time and didn't even look back. I also promptly asked him every time whether he had apologized to anyone else yet, especially the friend I was with when we were separated and every time he said something along the lines of "Hell no! Why should I ever apologize to that _________ (insert any insulting term (it was different every time) here)." And I am yet to here from him since. Not like a care, but.... Anyway if someone is reading this that is obsessed with m*n*cr*ft saying something like this person is stupid it's not the game that caused this. Well, the only reason I say so is from listening in on some of the conversations about m*n*cr*ft I found out he played like a few hours every night (anywhere from 3-7) which in my opinion is a serious problem. I think that because he played so much and he spent more time in the game maintaining relationships (which I don't even know how you do that in m*n*c*ft!) than he did maintaining any other relationship and forgot how to do it. Also I feel really bad because I defended him against a person that was a childhood friend which led to complications with that. Anyway, that is the reason I hate m*n*cr*ft and video games in general.
Takutan Takutan
18-21, M
Dec 7, 2012