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Christian Haters

What I want to know is Why Mitt Romney who tells his followers They will get all Goverment out of our life! Will Stop China from taking over! Then Put OUT in a Statement to Block all internet pictures not approved by HIS CHRISTIAN FOLLOWERS CHINA AND HIS TEA PARTY Haters of man kind. You can not have it both ways. You can not stop the bankers in this world ask
OBAMA no Banker has gone to Jail for anything from the stealing of tax payers money.
Politics in this world is a Rich Fantasy it for there own! THE OVERTHROW starts at the Voters Box and that is under attack by the same group who lied to all of us on 911 and after.
Wake up Kick all to the curb in the house and 1/3 in the house change the rules for us people.
Danielle772 Danielle772 26-30, F 3 Responses Aug 28, 2012

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Don't hate Christians because of one person, God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to die on the cross for YOU and ME !!!

Sorry dmw777 I would think if there was a real god it would stop just some of the many who die for no reason except to die. It didn't have a son or daughter who died for us. Jews wrote the 1st book and wanted a higher place in ROME but it just didn't work out. Now after millions died for there country they still do not want to live without wars. No you have been fooled by a book and teachens sorry

No Maam I have experienced the true and living God, Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am a licensed, ordained Pastor, Minister, I preach the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins. All my sins are under the Blood of Jesus, I am forgiven and I am heaven bound, My dad had cancer and he accepted Jesus into his heart just before he passed away, Jesus Christ is Alive and Well, that I know, and no one can take that away from me !!

He told in one of his interviews that he would place a filter on all things sold in the USA to block all **** and sites that he and his people wouldn't like. Stop all public TV from being funded. Stop the arts. Stop the right of women. You must live under a rock. But I have voted for the man and the party who has let me stay on my mother plan health-care. Romney is now running a ad that Jeep will be built in CHINA! Super Bad Lie What's your say about that? Factchecker gets it wrong as well.
Romney will say anything to win his party has hated the USA for years If they didn't all working class people who make min. wage would have gotten a $2.25 rised but here again the rich business owners would have to come-up with it. I have 2 good friends who work in a low paying job in New York State and they work at McDs at $11.25 living wage it's never closed like the GOP has promissed.

Because he thinks he is god and his god doesn't let you see what you want except if you make at lease a million