I Miss The 90's

I like some songs in the charts. I'm English, so they're mostly made up of Americans and the Brits and X Factor winners.

No one writes their own music anymore and the ones that do are rare. Mostly they pay people to write their songs. And what ever happened to singers that actually play an instrument? No one has any talent anymore, its just if you look good. There's too many One Direction and Justin Bieber fans out there and I feel sorry for them. They're never going to experience the sound of good music.

I miss revolutionary musicians like Kurt Cobain, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison. Its now like everyone follows what they're label tell them to do.

And 90's artists worked hard to be recognised. Kurt was homeless in Aberdeen when he was doing gigs. In our days, all you have to do is audition for a show like the X Factor (where you sing someone elses song each week) and your amidiately famous. I think programs like that have rewend the music industry.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

I agree with every fiber of my being