A Funny Thing About Money...

If you hate money, money will hate you back. And avoid you. And flee from you when you do have some.

Personally, I am very much opposed to the crazy materialist principles that seem to drive our society. But money is not the problem. The problem is people's underlying attitudes and value systems, not the stuff itself.

Money, after all, is just a figment of everyone's imagination that we have agreed has value. If you don't believe this,you should know that central banks can CREATE money out of nothing. And if you don't believe me, go learn some basic economics. Everyone should know some, given that economic theory is responsible, in some way or another, for most of your worldly pain :P
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7 Responses Jul 9, 2007

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I have a love & hate relationship w/ $. I love the fact that it gets me the material & fun things that I want. But I hate that I have to rely on it through out my life to even live.

I am happy to see someone who understands a little something about economics and central banking cartels. <br />
<br />
I think our "worldly pain" could be eased significantly if we understood as Dodo does, how and from where the pain is being applied. If the general public understood where the pain was coming from then we could perhaps have a fighting chance at implementing a just and free montetary system.

ahh the ever elusive dolla dolla bill y'all! heheheeeee once upon a time i made lots of it and now, being on disability, i don't. truth is, i have enough. i'm happier now w/ 'enough' than i was with plenty to spare. the monetary system as a means of trade is one thing but those who worship the 'green' for status ... i pity them.

indeed. social constructs are created by the mind. just a shame that so many of them can be damning if you decide not to take that route.

I love money, however, I don't find it interesting. Money is innocent in itself, it is simply a means of communications, like language. The problems arise from the expectations people bring to money. Ours is a very superficial, materialistic society. We believe in our core that money buys moral superiority and happiness. These are, of course, ludicrous ideas. It is important to have enough money, no more, no less. Where it gets interesting is how you define enough.

I'll agree there! Money sure hates me! I guess it finds my debt collectors and Landlord WAY COOLER than me! ={