Always Hated Money

One of my earliest philosophies was my conclusion that I did not like money.  I think I was only 6 years old when I first noticed how it made people act differently when they were around it.  I just thought people acted funny around this green stuff.  It's grown and grown over the years to a point where I hate capitalism instead of just money.  Gotta get to the root of the problem.  It's a system that makes people greedy and gives them access to exploitation.

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uh huh....sure thing

Read some Karl Marx girlie :-)

it's really just stupid...a paper with a dead president on it, but that's what are world, government, economy, etc. is run on so i roll with it. seriously if people didn't need money and everything was free though we wouldn't even need schools, jobs, or anything else and the world would go into chaos. and that'd be kind of freaky, but i still wonder how they came up with this system and i'm still wondering what the hell we're all here for. sorta freaky how i can over-analyze and be so logistic and turn everything around. now please....shut me up!

I would hope that a strong bond can overcome the trivialities of money but then again people often get very sensitive with their money.

How often do we notice how much merchandise is in those stores we walk into? Thousands and thousands of copies of the same shirt or shoe or wallet.... How much of what we consume did we really need? What do we do with this mass accumulation of money? Why do we fight over it? People walk over each other. They back-stab. They betray. <br />
<br />
For what?<br />
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I've always felt very uncomfortable with putting money between myself and my friends/family. Somehow I always feared it would break the genuineness of a relationship if money were between us. But I guess a strong bond would sustain this temptation, no?

I think it comes down to making things for use rather than for sale. Use value rather than exchange value.

Hmmmm, interesting...I read about 200 pages of it in high school and it bored me mostly but my best friend loved it. I just couldn't finish it. I've read some accounts of Ayn Rand's political views and while these accounts may have been biased, they portrayed her to be a very creative commie hating capitalist swine. The Ayn Rand institute and the ob<x>jectivism movement seem pretty counter to my personal beliefs.

Yeah I think just a bit is fine, not money of course, but the other green stuff :-)

What is it about "green stuff" that makes people act wacky??!! Money, Pot, ... Emerald! Naw, teasin' on that last one folks! Ok, maybe just a bit!;)

it's all perception and propogating the sickness so to speak ... it's rather disgusting in reality. why can't we all have 'enough' ... no more, no less?!?!? then again ... 'enough' is yet another 'perception' BUT when i say, "enough" i mean enough for the necessities, a lil for the unexpected and having to save for bonus purchases. that is enough for me ... i don't need much. i don't want much. but then again, unlike the vast majority, i'm satisfied with what i have and more importantly with who i am rather than attempting to meet some status quo. *ICK!*