Always Have..

I especially hated it when I was a kid.  My mother used to act as if we were the richest people on the block.  Our home was quite large, but we weren't all that well off.

Not how people thought we were.

I met a girl at school one day, she wanted to come over and play.  We walked up to my home.  Stopping in front of it she said to me "You're a rich *****" and ran off.

Money makes the world go round.
It also is very damaging.  Causing a lot of crime and other problems.

It can change people.

I guess these are more like random thoughts than an actual "story" about why I hate money.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2007

I can understand why you hate money but - it is almost necessary in this crazy world. I have never had a lot of money but know people who do have it and yes, there are problems knowing who your real friends are and in keeping and maintaining the money. But, it certainly buys freedom - that that is important. Freedom on a different level than what poorer people have is what I'm trying to say. Like, I need my teeth fixed but put it off because I don't have the money - I used to have dental insurance but no longer have it. One more thing that takes money. Having nice teeth is a freedom I used to enjoy but no longer have.