And What It Does to People

i grew up in a family where we were considered "comfortable"  my parents had enough money to get what we needed but there was never any money for "extras".  there were many store brand items in our house and we all managed to grow up perfectly fine.  as a young child, i was clearly jealous of my friends who had newer bikes than i did, were able to join different sports teams and went on family vacations.  now that i am older, i realized that i learned so many valuable lessons growing up.  for example, i learned very early that if one person has something in a family then we all have it.  we shared everything.  i also learned to appreciate things much more. 

in my ideal world, i would live on an island and there would be no such thing as money.  people would just shared and bartered services and there would be enough for everyone.  i am sure many of you people think that i am crazy as you are reading this.  but i just want to emphasize that this is my "ideal" world.  it may be a virtual impossibility but it would be a nice thought if it could happen. 

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2 Responses Jul 31, 2007

Me too! I don't think it is crazy at all.

That is my ideal world too.