Paper Greed

I hate that the world relies on something constructed of insignificant materials. A product that induces gold-digging and murder. It is absolutely disgusting, the lengths that the human race is willing to go in order to become wealthy. Sure, money is necessary for survival, but when it is taken beyond that and greed comes into play, when once-decent people turn against their own soul in an attempt to gain touchable power, that is when I feel an actual hatred for these scraps of soiled and realistically meaningless papers.

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See the 3rd section of the following:<br />
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Some people think the Bible says that "Money is the root of all evil". It actually says that "The love of money is the root of all evil."<br />
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If money did not exist, then people would be greedy for the things that money buys. "Gold Digger" comes from people who seek gold (not money) above all else.<br />
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Like they say: Don't shoot the messenger (money in this instance). It is the people who try to find meaning in life from accumulating the most things, that are the problem. They live by the motto: "He who dies with the most toys wins."<br />
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FYI: You also fold in one more distinct concept: Those who lust for power. Some people use money as a means to gain power. That is a different type of greed. There it is more clear that money is merely a tool. They can also use sex, drugs, and other vices, to gain the power they want.

see!<br />
we artists understand each other<br />
we see the world through different eyes.<br />
revolution!!! hah

it's a sacrifice all artists must make<br />
which is explains why most of us are pretty effed up. ;-)<br />
but it does help with the creative process<br />
<br />

well you are welcome<br />
my mind is full of scripts so my words are barely squeeking through the cracks!

yeah I'm not full of deep thoughts at the moment, but you said it well. :-)

ditto ditto :-)

I SO FEEL THE SAME WAY!! me and my best friend talk about this all of the time, like how we pretty much NEED to depend on money, and how stupied people act when they get it!