I Do

i do. i hate money and i dont like hearing about economy and problems and bla bla bla.its the last thing i think. in fact i dont think about it unless someone reminds me the word money or someone talks bout it. i hate money.

i think other things and i think number 1 is love -care and last is money. money dont have place in my heart and never will

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oh..i guess

i mean, the reason people gave up bartering was that sometimes, we don't need the thing somone else wants to exchange with us.

eh idk,i dont understand..

maybe some people would not need what some people offer. Like if i need salt and you just have sugar to offer in exchange for the paints i'm offering you, i would say no deal. (or maybe i wouldn't, you are such a good friend, but anyway that's not the point.)<br />
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BUT if we deal in a neutral medium, ie currency, we'd both be able to get what we want, right?

i understand..<br />
i just think it would be better if money didnt exist and we could exchange things..just i have that thought in my mind-why should we use money to get things?there must be another way but i think ppl learnt to use money...can u imagine if money didnt exist and ppl could give food for example to other ppl who need it -without having to pay?i just think like that..


=/ <br />
*looks at both*<br />
i think money is paper like monopoly heh

I remember when i used to wonder why people can be controlled by paper or plastic. But now i think its such a stupid thought.. Money is not our pricetag. Its not what we're worth. Its what drives us to be competitive and work for rewards. Its important.

clever wow..ok..

*looks at u* financial what..?=/

noisy prince doesnt worry bout money..yeah*shake head*

i just dont like money and even finding a job u know something ?i wont think about money ,but if i like the job. and thoughts like ''adopting kids in future'' that someone told me it needs money too -ok i say money is necessary but i do hate money.. and money its just papers!eh ok is crazy to say i hate some papers...........but i prefer having other things as number 1 rather than money<br />
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eh ok...........hugs*<br />
i know money also can be good...