The World Bigest Moucher

nausha red and  gloria two of tne biggest free loaders ever   got 1500 free diners from one  couple for 7
repay of theres whith were worthless go to bbq with nothing
bring back all the extra food from funnerals takes the tolet paper from public  bathrooms took thierwedding again  free meal

take food from  meales on wheels if they dont answer  in 1 minutetook the flowerson easter sunday for the ealdry for them self
red goes  knitting cicrele free sanwitches free t v   cable
tolet flush once a day

  ashua n h  red and gloria
emorules emorules
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

my husbands moocher friends even took the batteries out of the remote for the tv! Your moocher friends must know Barry and Guido! Maybe there's an island we could have them sent to - of course, they will have to pay for it - NO MORE ENABLING THESE MOOCHERS, PEOPLE! I hope they choke on their free meals!