Can't stand mornings, any way that I look at it.

Most mornings, like most people, I have to get up for work.  I struggle out of bed, sometimes after a push or two of the snooz.  And I am in an absolute haze.  Not only do I feel like I haven't woken up, I feel more along the lines like I should be dead.  I feel like a zombie as I stumble around trying to get my bearings.  About half the time I make it out the door on my way to work and realize that I forgot something.

Off days aren't quite as bad, but they are still bad.  I go to bed knowing that I got the chance to sleep in an extra hour or two, but I've also got things to do the next day.  I'll wake up maybe at a decent hour, but still sleepy.  I'll think to myself that I need to get up and get started as I look at the clock or wall.  Next thing I know, I'm back to sleep.  My eyes don't want to stay open, and my body doesn't want to move.  I feel like I'm stuck in a state of inertia.  Strange dreams play tricks on my thoughts and perceptions particularly in the awakening twilight period.

BeautifulLoser BeautifulLoser
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1 Response Jun 1, 2007

i undrstand how u feel.x