Hate Hate Hate

I have been getting up all my life ni hate it!

It started with nursery n continued through to high school!

Then i thouht yeah what the hell you want a better education go to college but oh yeah i had to pick a college which was a coach ride away! obvs! so i had to be up early again to get there in time for the coach so it would get me there for 9!

Then i thought yeah i have passed my course as a fully qualified nursery nurse so ill find a nursery close!
I was given the hours 1-6 i was so happy! as then i didnt have to get up tillat least 11!!! =-)

But then the worst thing happened my friend offered to swap her hours n i needed the money n i swapped! to 8-5 so now im back to getting up early n being out to get the 7:40 bus to get there for 8!!!

So at weekends n holidays i try my best to stay in bed for as long as i can but i still live with my mum n she hates the fact im in bed so she keeps busying herself in my room!! hoovering n such like!!! its alright for her she doesnt start work till 1!!!!
sazead sazead
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1 Response Feb 18, 2007

I am not a morning person either. Most likely because I don't get quality sleep.