I HATE MOSQUITO'S!!!! *stomping feet* Not only are they the Florida State Bird but they are a royal pain in my fanny! I have them living by my front door waiting to get in as we have the pond out back and they seem to breed there and then come over for a snack after wards.

Oh wait, their torture gets better. I'm here sitting on the bed, typing away at a story and see one on the dresser. I grab the nearest book and without thinking I SWAT! Did I get it? Oh sure... and the fresh cup of hot tea next to it which is now all over me, the computer the extension cords and the bed!

Don't mind me, sticking MSP, I'm going to brew another cup and wash off this mess!

Freakin' mosquito's... *mumbles to self* aoih ioan [oihai nkpmaop0v j0jm

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4 Responses May 20, 2008

I feel your pain friend. I will have you know that I just killed four of those little devils. Now they won't fly to Florida and breed there. Cheer up.

Summertime, at night it often happens that I slap myself silly, only to find it circling for the attack a few seconds later. When I switch on the light it goes invisible. Super annoying.

Plans are to go to Cali where I'm also told mosquitoes are unavailable... *crosses fingers* they make me CRAZY!

You should move here to Vegas, no mosquitoes!