It Tears Me Deep Inside To See How My Outlook Of The Other Gender Has Shaped Over My Personal Experiences

I hate most women, simple and bluntly. i have always been the one who was manipulated, used, abused, and been the laughing stock of the other gender. i have a good feeling i'll probably never know what its like to be loved because i just cant beleive that real love exists anymore. in my experiences, i have learned that women tend to be very shallow, money hungry, only use you for their own personal gain, and can be nasty to other women. i have never ever met a nice female other than my mother and it makes me sad even thinking about the fact that the only woman i ever loved has gone away, leaving me with the women who only feed onto the weak and are fueled by a man's wealth. i just find it hard to know that not all women are like this, but i have never ever met a nice girl before. they are seem to be clones of each other. they just want to date, *****, backstab, and act superficial, even citing on the little things like my hair for example. recently i am trying to be happy with how i am single and that being single means i am far away from being hurt, because i just cannot stand women anymore, i hate them all. they are shallow, because i have never seen a short man with a girlfriend, they have no personality, i dont know a girl who has her own hobbies?interests other than shopping and visiting the beauty salon every day, and the fact that i will only ever be loved because of my car and my money, because i have the decency to save up my money and noe blow it on alcholol and needlessly expensive beauty products. i am sorry to say this but from my personal experiences, there is NO such things as a nice girl and i hate women.
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You sound like the same broken record with Woe-Me syndrome that I hear from these guys.

Undoubtedly, there are women who WILL screw you over. But to project your personal experiences onto ALL women is not only irrational but idiotic.

1) It will ensure that you suffer in the self-perpetuating cycle. Your "beliefs" will be recognized over and over again by YOU because you do nothing to change them or don't recognize it in a different light.

2) Not all women are like that. I'm a nice girl. I don't play around. And if you don't look like the dude that I want, then I'm not going to waste time either of our times.

3) There are tons of men out there who backstab, lie, cheat, use people for money, are shallow ect. Based on your diatribe, I should hate ALL men because of the disgusting acts of a few. Do you realize how illogical that is?

I honestly want to tell you to grow up because hurt feelings will come and there are going to be people who will try to use you. The difference is if YOU let them and if you recognize the signs.

Lol so funny yet there's alot of truth to it. Peace out!

Women and Men are just animals before we choose to become something untouchable, fufilled, embraced by they untouchable thing's like love trust ect. Most women are prone to be like animals and not even animals as so nasty but women pull it off to be much worse. Men are just as revoulting and only the ones that have the mind set to destroy what others believe in and become your own god your own spirit and fight for something like love fight for your other half your love your woman or your man.<br />
Will you choose to live for nothing for the thing's that will die with your corpse in the grave or will you live to fight for what is forever? what you give to love will never die.

I'd have to agree with arleah. There are nice women out there....... it's just that they're like a needle in a haystack. I've met one, however a lucky acquaintance of mine is currently dating her. Very nice, genuine person. I meet women like her once every 5 years or so.

there are nice women out there........somewhere. i hav my faults etc but i hav never asked for nor wanted a mans money, my ex left with everything, i do not ask for childsupport from my kids dad, i look after and take care of my own, i never borrow money or expect anything that i hav not worked for. ive made my mistakes but i guess so hav some men. if anything after my past relationships of being abused etc i can say that i hav usually been the one cheated on used for money and walked all over. still after all this people shouldnt catorgorise men or women as being bad as a whole- everyone chooses the way they treat each other- it would just be nice if people could treat each other as valuable human beings instead of ' badmen' and ' 'badwomen' so to speak.


I dont think love ever existed. Women like the fantasy, not the reality of relationships. I've yet to meet one that's ever put effort into a relationship or acknowledge that life and men are not perfect. <br />
<br />
And the women with lots of hobbies are no better. They string along lots of men at one time until they find their prince charming because they, like every other woman out there, are attention ******. And usually they're the ones who are better at it, because they don't seem like the type of girls who would do it.

@clarkee for your information, miss, thats exactly NOT what i have done, i dont go to nightclubs and places like that to look for women. do you know where i look for them? at ******* Uni. Thats right, i look for girls who have ambition, i look for girls who have their own set of interests, hobbies, and skills, i look for a girl who hopes to work hard and leave a positive mark on the world someday, and most importantly i look for a girl who is open minded and is willing to try something new all the time. my problem is what you exactly said, i end up with the same type of women because they are ******* everywhere, i cannot seem to find the girls who are unique and don't adjust their makeup every 5 ******* seconds. and WTF are these things *(*(((( and ()(()* hey? what are you talking about. another thing is that i have noticed that any girl has a Bitchy side to her personality, as quoted from my older sister. under all the skin and bone they can still be like each other, especially like the girl i took to the prom, thats right, i was daring and looked for someone different to the rest only to realise that she was exactly like the rest. who can you tell me that nice girls exist when they keep acting like that?

@ Robb82 Hello there. thanks for the comment. i am just happy to know that there are a few people out there who agree especially on the simply fact that its true about women in general. i know that not all women are evil creatures but every girl i meet seems to be the same old typical girl like the others. i think i am unlucky when it comes to finding the right one because it seems that the nice, genuine girls are either taken already by someone lucky, or that they are to far away and are hiding to the point that it feels they don't exist. but on the positive i do agree about the liberating feeling of being single at the same time, it feels that not worrying about girls all the time has taken alot of weight and pressure on me. but i agree about how deceptive they are. women can really stab you behind your back and take advantage of you when you are trying to be a genuine person to them, it really gets on my nerves that they do things like that. but yeah i do feel that i have learned the reality of women at an early age, but so many of my male friends who are older havent learnt that and it seems that coming to this conclusion about women came really early to me. oh well, I am glad that you have found peace and harmony without the troubles of the other gender getting in the way, all the best..

ill bet that neither of you men have tried to change your taste in women. you probably go for the same type of women each time and thats what you get. if you have any guts you can try and meet women in different places than where you have been going and opening up to women who you never found attractive before because you too concerned with *(*(((( and ()(()* just as much as these women are concerned about social status and money. you cant honestly believe that there arent any nice girls. come on.

I hear you brother. I hate women as well. I don't feel the need to eloborate on my own hatred as you seem to know what you're talking about. Don't listen to the deceptions women will ^^^ inevitably^^^ throw at you. I've recently given up dating for the foreseeable future and it's incredibly liberating. Simply put the overwhelming majority of women are just plain evil. Be happy you were bright enough to realize it at an early age.