If it was not for a number of women here, I would hate all women.

My sister in law, yesterday, I had managed to get my older brother into recovery from his eating disorder, so she states in front of a house full of friends and family that he has his pot belly back- instantly my brother was purging again, this happened once before and we nearly lost him, as she could not keep her mouth shut.

Same sister in law- saw my partner's new car, and started slagging off my brother about the car he had done up himself from scratch and got a few angry words from me and my partner.

Same sister in law again, asked my father was she his favourite between the girls in his family???  yes, as if that is likely me being his actual daughter!

Today, two ******* backstabbing me downstairs, in my 'ivory tower' referred to me as a '*****' to the intern, as have had a few men before considering marriage and that was not whilst working here, but whilst a student, living her life.



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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

whether man or woman, you seem to have a streak with woman.... any gender can be hateful.... whenever a person brings me to that horrible place I do an exercise I learned in a book called "The Four Agreements" .... I tell myself NOT TO ABSORB THE FEELINGS ... Hateful people are really throwing out their negative energy and direct it at you because they can ... if you walk away, turn your back, choose not to ABSORB WHAT THEY ARE SAYING OR DOING .. They cannot affect you...<br />
<br />
This works for me and just a suggestion ...<br />
You can continue hating, but hate is negative and love is positive .. I choose to turn to the positive and if that isn't available, I turn away from the negative.<br />
I take care of my psyche first ..<br />
Blessings and Good Luck

#are we in danger of some stereotyping here. I love women and that's not simply because I'm a man with male sexuality. I have worked with lots of women over the years and sure there's a different ambiance with women, they do have a different agenda to men. There's a greater emphasis on appearance, women are more expressive and more emotional but I find that more truthful. I ran business development for a firm and my female colleague was much more honest in a critique of my presentations to customers. The other guys spent their time acting cool. Ok we're all guilty of generalising but I think our opinions can be coloured by the few. Ur sister in law sounds likes an insecure ***** who is vying for attention in her husband's family. There's lot of good people out, and lots of them are women, vive la difference.

Flutters ...... Flutters !!! go wash your mouth out with soap.... Such language ... tch ... tch .... more be fitting a poisoned Nat than a angelic fly.....<br />
<br />
The things to consider is the replies to these questions ..... then you may get upset ...<br />
<br />
Other than that let these fools continue throwing spears at the buses ...

Sometimes people can be such *******!