Hated Mother-in-law

my son was engaged and preaching. next thing I know he meets this girl and he stops everything. this was over 30 years ago. She cut him off from all of his family. we don't even see our great grandaughter. I really feel sorry for her, for he had great family. I leave it to God.
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1 Response Oct 28, 2011

My son met his wife on craigslist & married her 10 months later. I was so happy for him for he was so lonely & was very shy. 3 weeks into the marriage his wife & her aunt started bashing me on Facebook. She is now telling my son lies about me & has totally alienated him from his Family & friends. She took over his facebook & argues w anyone that tries to contact him. I can't believe he is believing her lies.She has turned her family against me. She has told me I won't be a part of their children's lives. My Son is a Kind, Gentle young Man of 29 yrs. He was married in July 2011 and never comes over or calls. he was so close to our Family & no one can believe what has happened. I just don't know how to make him believe that I'm innocent of her lies. My Heart is broken . He is my youngest of 4 Sons and now has no relationship with his own Brothers or His Dad. I tried to talk to her mother but her mother believes her. She is Mentally abusing my Son. I am not trying to contact him now. I'm just waiting and praying.