I Hate My Mother In Law

My mother in law really hates me and lets not talk about jealousy. I cannot talk if i dont get insulted at. For insisted we are going away and she said to me so u are going on hoilday if u work more u will pay for it when u go on hoilday. All this because they arent going on hoilday cause my father in law cannot efforded. so we get insulted.

we had already clashed and i kidded her out of my house man. She insulted my mother and i could take it anymore. I had to do something i have been taking it for 8 years and my husband told her several times and she didnt care. When she got it she started crying. besides when she phoned to tell me sorry she finished of the conversation am telling u sorry but i dont care if accpeted or not. I said to my husband so while did she phone to tell me sorry if it doesnt come from the heart. I think am lucky in away cause my husband sometimes not all the time supports me.


lolashelly lolashelly
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1 Response Sep 18, 2009

sounds like a lot of drama for you and it sounds familiar...if she can't go away...neither can you...give your husband a kiss because he stands up for you at least sometimes...mine never didand now I have no respect at all for hm. Put her in her place once and for all or this stuff will go on forever.....tell her you don't give a crap if she likes you.....it's so not worth the trouble. good luck