Embarrassing When Boys Are In The Women's Locker/changing Room

Recently I was in the locker room at the gym and just stepped out of the shower and wrapped my towel around myself.  I was headed over to my gym bag to change when I look over and see a mother with her son, who looked way too old to be in the women's locker room.  The mother was just fixing her makeup, while her son was just sitting and staring at the women changing.  Its totally inappropriate!  

Worst of all was that he was near my stuff, so he is staring at me as I walk by to relocate.  There is no way I was dropping my towel and dressing two feet away from staring junior.   This reminded me of about 10 year ago of when I was 14 and was in a similar situation that turned out much more embarrassing...
My friend had invited me to come with her, her younger brother and his friend to go to the pool. Her mom drove us there and once we get there, we all go to the women's locker room. I thought it was rediculous because my friend's brother and his friend were 9 and 10yrs old!   Way too old to be in there!

My friend noticed the situation and jumped into the last bathroom stall to change in and I was stuck in the big room with everyone else.  Even worse was the boys already had their swimsuits on so they were just sitting there while my friends mom messed around in her big pool bag.    I tried to wait and change after my friend but her mom made me hurry up and change right there because she was like we are only staying for a few hours.

It was so embarrassing, there I was standing a few feet away from two boys and she expected me to change into my bathing suit.   I tried to complain but she just told me that she couldn't let the boys go off on their own and that their safety was her top priority.   She also said that they were young and wouldn't mind me changing.   She totaly didn't understand that I totaly DID MIND!  I had no choice so i changed facing the wall.  Both boys teased me all afternoon about getting to see my bare butt.  The whole experience was awefull!   Boys that are in grade school should not be allowed in the women's locker room....What do you think?  Has anyone had a similar experience?   
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"She also said that they were young and wouldn't mind me changing. She totaly didn't understand that I totaly DID MIND!"
Of course she understood. She chose to ignore. This is the same kind of situation men face with nurses. But as a male, I've been in the same situation, with the mother of a friend telling me to undress on the spot, saying it was all right because SHE didn't mind. What I minded was never considered

What is the big deal with little boys seeing naked girls or women? If no one made an issue out of it they probably wouldn't either. They are too young for their hormones to have kicked in so at the most they would just be looking out of curiosity. Their mom didn't have a problem changing in front of them so nudity was obviously a taboo with that particular family.

You should have kicked them right in the nuts for teasing you.

Had that problem before (similer anyway) was at the pools when finished went to have a shower (showers were open) and one dad bought his two kids in. As said showers hd bo cubicles so had no cloths on. And his kids were far to old to be in their. Was emvarresing

Interestingly, there are different changing room "customs" elsewhere in the world. I'm in the UK and a number of private members sports clubs in London are fairly relaxed about family nudity in changing rooms with the line being drawn at puberty. Usually the kids themselves start to feel uncomfortable and want to change discreetly. I'm personally mildly uncomfortable being naked in front of other people's children but it's no big deal.<br />
The position in Holland and France and Switzerland where I have also been swimming while on holiday is much more relaxed. There are changing cubicles but quite often both genders just ***** off and change in the communal room. On a number of occasions, the sight of a firm young 20 year old babe stripping off has been ......well.....distracting<br />
My pet dislike though is the, I suppose necessary, evil of changing room cameras in public ie local authority owned sports facilities. The notices say it's for safety purposes and tape will only be viewed by the police in the event of an incident.....yeah right!

In Finland too. People of the wrong sex are not supposed to use the changing room beyond puberty, but today, for example, there was a high-school using part of the pool, and while the boys were changing afterwards (all changing areas here are open), twice a (different) girl came in with some message for certain boys from the teacher. But nobody bothers - the boys are naked and don't try to cover up, and the girls don't stare (or if they do, they're discrete about it!)

check out my stories i had a mother do something similar after i got done swimming... i feel your pain lol

I think it was pretty embarrassing. The earlier lady was pretty ******.<br />
Twice at the pool I was showering in the men's, which is where I am supposed to be because I am a guy, and some dad had his girl kids in there with him. I just rinse the soap out of eyes and 4 feet away is this girl who look about the same age as my younger sister, who is almost 9 in shorts and a tee shirt, gawking at me. It was freaky.