Naked Early Experience

I am a twin, me and my sister and a boy called Ken Preece would go swimming nearly every Saturday morning to our local baths we were about 9 or 10 years old. My mum was teaching us how to swim. Around the pool were small cubicals where we would get in to our swimming costumes, It was tight but my mum, Ken, me and my twin sister would manage to change OK. In those days there was male and female locker rooms. My mum would teach us in the pool and I don't know if there was some time limit but I remember the lifeguard blowing a whistle and we have to get out. It was same every week my mum would lift me or my sister up on the seat take off our bathing costume and dry us with a towel and dress us. Ken was always last to be lifted on the seat my mum took of his trunks dried him and got him dressed. We always went for chips on the way home as a treat. All things changed after my mum sat me and my sister down and gave us the bird and bees talk, of course we both looked at his penis when we were changing but it never came up in conversation. Mum said on Saturday we should look more closely at Ken's penis and not be shy asking her any questions. Saturday came around very quickly, mum reminded us to take more interest in Ken when she was drying him. We were looking at his penis, mum took ages drying him when my sister said where are his balls mum, Ken hasn't got them yet, but it won't be long. We went for chips and when we got home mum told us about puberty. We never got changed in front of Ken again. and eventually he stopped coming with us. Now thinking back we were all innocent until the birds the bees chat. Little boys in women's locker rooms are probably innocent and think nothing about seeing women naked.
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I think we may have gone to school at the same time, Ken Preece was a friend of mine, his penis was no bigger at high school, I did wonder if he every get married and started a family.his penis must have developed. I do agree we all saw the boys naked and thought nothing about it.