Love/Hate Relationship

I know that moths and butterflies kind of look alike, but I love butterflies while moths freak me out.  I hate the way moths are attracted to the lights at night and they swarm it, and if you get too close they fly all around you.  I also hate when they end up frying themselves and I have to sweep them up of my deck.  Moths are gross.  Why can't they be more like gentle butterflies?

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I often wonder why my fear and hatred for moths doesn't include butterflies. Yesterday when I saw the butterfly gently floating down the street (it was literally flying in the middle of the street) I took note of its elegance. Later at night as I was trapping my cats in the bathroom with the moths I could lure in, I took note of the moths carelessness as they zipped through the air. Butterflies are slower, calmer, more graceful. Moths are quick, twitchy, clumsy. After looking at my information I still prefer quick over slow and twitchy over calm (mostly because calm is boring) though I like graceful much more than clumsy. I even find moths kind of cute. I will never understand my deep fear of moths.

Thanks y'all.

Butterflys are day creatures, and we connect them to the sun and flowers. They remind me of little angels. Moths are night creatures that surround our lightbulbs at night, and feed on our clothing in the day. Mothballs remind me of my grandma's house...and I hated that smell. So yea...I'd do a butterfly..over a moth. OMG

That is another reason I do not understand my fear of moths, I always prefer night over day but unlike moths, I do not levitate towords light.

Well, I don't really love moths, but I would rather put up with them than smell mothballs. Ewww....

you have got to be the most random thinker ive ever met go from prince, to being alive and happy to despising moths where in the world do you come up with this stuff so off the wall from each different story you post are like a roller coaster lol

LOL true.

Men and other men look alike, but the one is interesting to be around and the other is a bore. Same with women.<br />
Same with all except normals, me thinks, normals are always boreing...Dew