They Make Me Sick

I feel sick just smelling them..right now my house (except my room) stinks of them..
I never liked eating them. I hate them since i was a child. But as i grew older i came to hate them even more.
When my mother made a mushroom soup i thought i will throw up..i felt so bad i couldn't eat it and i don't eat them since then.
It's good that my brother moved out and now my mother doesn't make mushroom soup anymore.
So only when she dries them i need to endure..
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

i don't think i will ever eat them again. if just a smell is horrible to me and makes me wanna throw up..i almost did that one time.

I agree with FB. I feel sorry for you, sad that they make you sick. Fried in butter is so good (and to be honest there is no mushroom taste - just butter - LOL I hope for your sake that someday you will start to hate them a little less and less

Sorry to hear that,I love Mushrooms!Raw or cooked Mmmmm