Dumb *** Baby Daddy

ok, so my sons father is the biggest loser idiot i know. I got pregnant right after he got out of jail and he promised me the world. I beleived him to find out he did nothing the whole 8 months i was pregnant except hang out with his ex girlfriends or flirt with girls on facebook.Mind you hes 25 still livin with his broke momma, no car, no job, nothing to his name. I helped him open up his first bnk account! The 9th month he gets into a fight and get locked up again 2 weeks after he goes to jail i go into labor. i hate him for not being there for me when i needed him, i stuck by him the whole time he was locked up i gave him money bought him interview clothes and this selfish loser cant even make the birth of his own son. Hes been in jail 6 months now and expects me to stand by his lyin cheatin *** again? Please, im moving on. He is nothing but poison in me and my sons life and we dont need him or his lying momma. i found a new boo anyway!
smilysgirl smilysgirl
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) good luck)