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Screw You I've Moved On To A Better Man Than You'll Ever Be!

I hate my baby daddy because of the fact that he gets to live his life as if nothing happens while I sacrifice as a mother to raise a child! We were unseperable until I got pregnant and was hardly around. He blamed it on his o.c.d that it didn't let him see me behave he had a fear that if he ever got a girl pregnant that it wouldn't be his. But he knew damn well it was! He just used it as an excuse. Which ****** me off more. So we split when she was two because I feel like I do everything and I really. Ever needed him for anything, for that I'd be alone and continue what i was doing. I have a wonderful. Oh friend now who wants to marry me and my daughter loves him. I struggle with school trying to get my associates degree but will try again after I pass my 6 month program to be a dental assistant! I'm just still so angry because he was never a father and I had to give up Alot while he basically gave us up for his boxing career ! Oh well I got someone way better in return for my daughter and I! It also hurts because he wishes he can be her true father. It I always tell him u are because you do what most can't, which is be a father to a child that's not yours! Screw my baby's father!
LizC815 LizC815 22-25, F 2 Responses Nov 5, 2011

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Fatherhood is about the effect you have shaping a child's life, not about who donated half of the blueprint for the body. I've been fortunate to have two true fathers in my life, and neither one of them was related to me biologically. The spirit forges deeper bonds than biology. Try not to let your anger occupy your mind - it wont hurt him, only you and those you love. He's getting the tar knocked out of him on a regular basis - you can take comfort in that ;)

Maan wasup with all these deadbeat bbydaddy gave up his kids just cause i didnt wanna put up with his controlling ***...f*** them...... taking anothers man responsibility aint easy it takes a real man to do that...i feel u on this boyfriend has been there for my boys more than their father ... he buys them diapers, shoes thats why i love that man to seath at the end mija we got blessd...