What To Do Now?

I currently just had my baby girl 3 months ago. When i was pregnant about two weeks after i told the father he sat me down and told me he was suprisingly engaged. But two weeks later he left me for another girl besides the one he was ingaged to. My defense came up and i moved without letting him know. I was scared and alone and just wanted to be with my mom. I grew up with out my dad so im fighting like hell to let him be apart of her life 'if he wants to' ... So i made all these plans on moving back to plant my roots closer to him. But two days before the big move he pulled his favorite dissapearing act and its been a week since i talked to him.. He struggles with addiction, but ive been there done that myself so i dont hold it against him. Im not planning on being with him but i want her to have her dad.. Am i going about this whole thing wrong. or should i cut all ties with him right now theres alot more to the story........ thats just the short version and thats even long... Its hard to explain something when i dont even understand it myself
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My daughter's dad changed his number when I was 4 months pregnant. He lived in another state and I had no way to contact him besides email. I tried so hard to get him to be apart of her life and he finally came around when she was 2. A few months later he disappeared again and I eventually found out he was married with another child. Luckily I am now married and in a great place. God blessed me with a great husband and my daughter with a great dad. This is also a short version of my story but I want you to know that things get better. Your child might be better off without his/her dad.<br />
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