Blind Sided

I was with this guy for over two years, not very long I know. It seemed like we were so much in love. Even said I love you everyday. As soon as I got pregnant he changed and I was emotionally charged. He moved in with his friends. Met an older woman and got her pregnant when my daughter was no more than 9 months. Hadn't even been around my child. So he married her and didn't want anything to do with me anymore. He soon starts asking if my daughter can spend the night. She's one years old know. I was totally fine with it at first because I want my child to have a father in her life. But then I start hearing necessary but unwanted information on the woman he married. He's grandmother showed me an mugshot of her for child cruelty. I was so freaked out by that and is now hesitate to bring my baby anywhere near her. Am I wrong? I didn't even mean find out any of that. But I'm glade I found. I thought she seemed nice at first until she got pregnant by playing the religious card. If she was so religious y would she furnicate and disrespect me like she did. I'm good woman with an collage degree and job y wud he lower he's standards.
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Hello I too have a young daughter. And I agree with Nordy85. You should not feel bad about not wanting your daughter to be near the lady. You just want to protect her. It's better for them to be upset by your decision then anything to happen to your daughter. If she is so religious why does she have these charges against her? Or you can not leave your daughter alone at their house or he can come visit her instead of you going to him if he wants to be in her life he should make the effort as well. I hope all is well soon.

Some men have NO concept of standards.... At the end of the day you can only worry about you and your child. Just be strong and continue being a great mother.

Thanks for the comment. I will